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Getting Started

Familiarize yourself with the most basic information about the app, and learn what Fluz Fluz is all about.


Learn how you can grow your network, allowing you to increase the size of the rewards you earn.


Information on the importance of making connections and locking-in your position within the network.

Member Advertising

Find style and content guidelines to help you create material which will entice people to join your network.


Information on the activation of reward offers, rewards balance, and complimentary reward programs.


Best practices and information surrounding the policies and conditions of maintaining a Fluz member account.

Compensation Plan

Detailed information on the various ways to earn rewards, and how to maximize your earning potential.

Founder's Nodes

Information on the group that spearheaded the initial capital-raise, which funded the launch of Fluz.

Fluz Tokens

The digital asset that will allow you to unlock special benefits and utilities within the Fluz ecosystem. 

Fluz Overview

General information on how the Fluz cash back rewards system functions and is able to provide earnings. 

What is Fluz?

Fluz is the newest, most revolutionary cash back app available, providing a potent way to earn serious rewards compared to all of the other now obsolete cash back platforms.

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What is the Fluz Network?

The Fluz Network is the sum of all the connections that you have either directly or indirectly made since the moment you first downloaded the app.

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How do I earn using Fluz?

You can earn money using Fluz through 3 primary methods. Making purchases through the app, completing bonuses and challenges, and through your network when they make purchases.

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How much can I earn with Fluz?

We estimate that with just 4,000 people in your network each spending on average of only $100 a month, you could make over $500 in 4 short weeks!

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Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards distributed to Fluz members come from the partner retailers we have agreements with, and is a “thank you” for Fluz’s role in bringing them that customer.

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How much does it cost to use Fluz?

Fluz Fluz is completely 100% free to download and use. We will never charge a fee to sign up. You just download the app, and shop as you already normally do, and watch the money roll in!